From the beginning, New Hope School has sought to create a rigorous curriculum to challenge its students both spiritually and intellectually.

In 2008, we adopted a curriculum created by the Core Knowledge Foundation, which is a challenging comprehensive academic program. In addition to our academic program, we seek to promote family values to develop our students’ heart and character in preparation for an adult life of living for the sake of others.

Our program is designed to help students fulfill three basic life goals:

To develop a mature character

To build caring relationships with others

To make a positive contribution to society


Commitment to High Academic Standards

More than ever, today's students deserve access to the highest quality education. Their future success comes on the foundation of their education as children. Our teachers take their responsibility seriously with a parental heart to challenge their students to always do their very best and to encourage them when at times they may fall short.

Small Class Sizes

New Hope School intentionally caps its class sizes at ten students to insure that our students receive the personal attention they need from their teachers to excel in their studies. In the course of the school year, our teachers come to understand each student's abilities and challenges as well as particular learning style so as to best draw out his or her potential.



Safe and Moral Atmosphere

The school's character education program is an integral part of its overall curriculum. Each school day begins with a 30-minute session connected to its virtue of the month which is elaborated upon throughout the day. Overall, we seek to create a family atmosphere where students feel like brothers and sisters and are there to support and care for one another.

Quality Curriculum

New Hope School uses a challenging curriculum developed by the Core Knowledge Foundation and adapted to our students' particular needs. In the lower grades, we place special emphasis on developing reading skills and comprehension as a foundation for all future learning. Our curriculum exposes the students to a wide range of subject matter and conveys a global perspective. The quality of our program is borne out by the invariably well above national average scores our students receive on their annual standardized tests.



Character Education

New Hope School regards the development of its students' character to be as important as their academic progress. Our character education program is grounded in the nurture of children's heart and conscience with emphasis on fundamental virtues, such as respect, responsibility, honesty, loyalty, caring, compassion, trustworthiness, fairness, and environmental awareness. Teachers consciously try to include references to and examples of these virtues in their daily lessons.