May Newsletter

“April showers brings May flowers” is the refrain. We are seeing the May flowers, but it seems we will also be seeing May showers. Because of the weather, as you know, we had to postpone our twelfth annual Race for Education scheduled for last Friday until this Friday, May 3. Whether the weather will cooperate this Friday remains to be seen. However, never fear, we definitely WILL have the event—sooner or later.


In the meantime, I wish to thank you for your wonderful support on the fundraising side of this event. As you can see from our “thermometer” in the front hallway, we are still on the road towards our goal of $5,000. Let’s do this!


As you know, this week all the students are taking their Terra Nova exams. Please be sure your child has a good breakfast and comes to school well rested and prepared so he/she can do his/her very best. Make sure your child also brings two Number 2 pencils for taking the test. We expect to get the results back in June, which will be included in the students’ final report cards.


The Virtue of the Month for May is Hope. It is our belief that parents and educators—who are responsible for forming the next generation of citizens—have a special responsibility for nurturing hope in their children and students. To raise people who live in hope is to form individuals who will be engaged. People who hope, like people who love, are catalysts for constructive change and a brighter future. Intuitively, children always have hope. Even in the toughest situations, they wake up with it most mornings. One of our most important jobs is to make sure they move through life with their hope for a brighter future intact.


Later this month will be our two-day Science Fair. Starting at 9:30 am, KG through 3rd grades will present their projects on Thursday, May 30, and the 4th through 8th grades the following day. On the second day we will have a Family Barbeque starting at 4:00 pm followed by a parents meeting at which Dr. Beebe will talk about “Creative Schools” and what New Hope School is doing to stimulate the creative juices of its students. At the same time, we will be having our final Open House of the school year. Please come and bring any prospective parents with you for a tour of the school and a chance to meet our teachers!


May God bless you!


New Hope School Staff


“Hope dies the last.”

Russian proverb