Message from the Principal

Welcome to New Hope School!

Founded in 1996 with six first graders, we have grown significantly over the years, adding new grades and increasing the size of our student body.

Located in Clifton, NJ, New Hope School serves children from kindergarten through eighth grade. The main focus of our program is academic excellence, character education, and partnership of the home, school and community.

Teddy Roosevelt once commented, “To educate a person in mind and not in morals is to educate a menace to society.” These words point to the purpose of New Hope School. The philosophy of our school rests on the view that academic excellence is achieved in the context of a moral community. Only on the foundation of universal core values can genuine learning occur.

This view is supported by the results. Our students have consistently scored well above the national and state averages on the standardized tests they take each spring.

The character education component of New Hope School promotes the themes “Respect, Responsibility and Service.” We strive to make these core values the foundation of the school’s culture. Under these three major themes are many other virtues, such as honesty, compassion, fairness, courage and friendship, which are covered in a variety of ways during the school year.

Through sincere effort, rather than innate ability, do students develop their knowledge and ability to learn. The expectation of the school is that each student will engage in the work to the best of his/her ability in preparation for the next grade level.

New Hope School is a non-denominational religious school, embracing those spiritual ideals that enable students to develop clarity about what is noble, good and worth striving for in life. The good and noble life is one lived for the benefit of others. This embraces three life goals:

1. developing maturity of character;

2. building loving relationships with others; and

3. making a positive contribution to our society.

These are also the three main goals of education. An ideal graduate of New Hope School is one who is in the process of cultivating a loving heart, training in moral precepts and mastering knowledge and skills for a productive life.

If you are considering a new school for your child, consider New Hope. I will be happy to meet with you and show you around our wonderful school.


Dr. Robert Beebe