Our Mission

New Hope School is committed to the highest standards of academic excellence and independent character development by teaching God-centered universal values and service to others as the basis for personal integrity, harmony in the family, and peace in the world.

Our Philosophy

Education involves more than simply addressing the intellect. It concerns the upbringing of the whole person: intellectually, emotionally, socially and spiritually. New Hope School accomplishes this through a challenging academic curriculum, a strong character education program, and a creative music and arts program.

All grades begin the day with inspirational readings from various scriptural, historical and cultural sources to help our students gain a deeper understanding of their own identity and value. The importance of moral and ethical principles are stressed as a foundation for healthy character development.

In addition to its academic program, the school places great emphasis on its character education program, which promotes the themes of "Respect, Responsibility and Service."

Throughout the school year, in regular classes and special sessions, students are instructed in timeless virtues, such as honesty, fairness and compassion, and are encouraged to participate in service projects for the community.

We believe that:

  • Human beings are created in God’s image, who is our Heavenly Parent
  • Every person has value as a unique child of God no matter his/her religious belief or background
  • God endows each person with unique gifts to be cultivated and shared with others as brothers and sisters in spirit
  • The purpose of life is to mature one’s character through a relationship with God, build a loving marriage and family, and make a positive contribution towards creating a world of peace and harmony
  • The purpose of education is to support students in fulfilling the purpose of life
  • The basis of good character is a loving heart and strong conscience
  • The cultivation of heart and character is as important as the learning of knowledge and skills
  • Knowledge is both internal and external, not just memorizing and regurgitating information, but also learning to discern truth and understand its value in daily life
  • The family is the first school of love and learning
  • The school functions as an extension of the family
  • Teachers should demonstrate God’s parental heart toward students
  • The school prepares students to be future citizens by teaching civic responsibility and service to others
  • The school, family and community are partners in education

Our Graduates

  1. Our graduates will demonstrate academic excellence, personal integrity, and unique personal gifts as a child of God
  2. Our graduates will live a life of respect and consideration for others as kindred children of God and exhibit the necessary social skills for building healthy loving families
  3. Our graduates will live a productive and meaningful life, living in service to others and desiring to make a positive contribution towards creating a global community of peace and harmony
  4. Our graduates will understand and respect the world’s diverse cultures and religions